22 April 2009

And now for something completely difficult

The next thing is. We are once amore as babes awondering in a wold made fresh where with the hen in the storyaboot we start from scratch.
Finnegans Wake 336

18 April 2009


If we don't survive, we don't do anything else.
— John Sinclair

I've got better things to do than survive.
— ani difranco

16 April 2009

Snake on ice

Though the ground is still snow-covered a foot deep or more in shady places, it's warm enough to bring some critters out of hibernation. Yesterday i came across a garter snake crawling over a little snowbank – very slowly, as you might imagine, and my arrival didn't speed him up. I lifted him with a stick and set him down in a dry, sunny spot and went on my way as he slowly unkinked his coils. I hope he found something to eat – not many bugs out yet! – or else found a good place to go back to sleep for awhile.

15 April 2009

The source

Entering is the source, and the source means from beginning to end.
Dogen, ‘Bukkyo’ (Nearman 2007, 312)